Nirma bath soap strategy

Brand Values Nirma believes in bonding with the consumer. Due to its admirable perfume and a higher TFM content, this brand, within a short span of five years, had achieved the status of the third largest selling toilet soap brand and still continues its outstanding performance.

This brand had carved a niche in its segment by achieving leadership position just within two months of its launch.

He was experimenting to develop a detergent for door-to door selling in oder to earn some extra income and so Nirma came into existence. The target group for this will be those who already use No. Initially he hasd diffculty in pursuading the local shopkkeeps to stock his detergent and so he recruited housewifes to sell and create demand for the detergent.

The target group for this will be those who already use No. Getting the basics right Inthree years after No. And, therefore, it puts value-for-money above all. It followed its original marketing and pricing strategies in the economy segment as well as in the premium segment.

Nirma realized that it Nirma bath soap strategy have to launch products for the upper end of the market to retain its middle class consumers who would graduate to the upper end.

The Nirma Story

Imparting training to all involved on a continuous basis. According to Kataria, the investment in advertising started in Moreover, the market was segmented by HLL by price, by scent appeal, and by brand personality.

Godrej needed to get a foothold in this market and the answer was in the form of Godrej No. Managing wholesale was the only way. The umbrella branding strategy helps to give new products instant recall without increasing the advertising expense. He took on mighty multi-nationals and rewrote the marketing rules.

That was the year the brand started being advertised on national TV. Consumers, though, were always looking for an affordable option.

It coincided with the slowdown and benefited from consumers downgrading across categories. Hence it tried to segment the market on that basis. This has been accompanied by minimal advertising and promotion spend in addition to innovative packaging and keeping the trade happy.

Recent Developments

Complying with safety, environment and social obligations. This time to succed in this segment it passed the benefits to the retailers and offered them huge margins. The man behind the success of Nirma phenomenon — Dr.

It will not be easy for No. The question is about a research finding on the opportunity in the toilet soaps market. It was here where No. Nirma was founded in and was named after Karsanbhai Patel's daughter Nirmala.

From initial launch days, it has got huge market success and consistently performing well. By Nirma had become a popular brand in households. Nirma Lime Fresh Soap The brand name became almost synonymous with low-priced detergents and toilet soaps.

The company pioneered product sponsorship through the electronic media.

Recent Developments

In the early days, No. In some places like Andra Pradesh ,Tamil Nadu where it was difficult to reach on short notice depots were maintained. Since then the jingle has been a part of all Nirma communications. Nirma Bath was in direct competition with Lifebuoy. A decision to relaunch No.

Nirma's network consisted of about distributors and over 2 million retail outlets across the country.Superior Marketing Strategy Product Positioning: Nirma found its place between the expensive detergents and inferior Nirma Bath Soap Nirma Lime Fresh Soap Nima Rose Nima Sandal Edible salt Documents Similar To Nirma Case Study.

Indian Entrepreneur: Karsan Bhai 5/5(3). Nirma’s first toilet soap was Nirma Bath, a mild disinfectant product containing carbolic acid, in direct competition to Hindustan Unilever’s Lifebuoy. The same year saw the launch of Nirma Beauty and over the next five years, the company introduced more versions.

Nirma Bath Soap: Toilet soap market in India was dominated by a very few MNCs which could monopolistically price their product. Insensing a strong need to expand the market through Penetrative Pricing, Nirma entered this market with the launch of ‘ Nirma Bath Soap’, which is a carbolic (Red) soap.

cheri197.coming strategy!! rightly scented soaps at much lower combat competition from HLL it positioned its products against it like Nirma Bath against Lifebuoy, Nirma Beauty Soap against Lux. did not help in the premium thought it was a cheap brand andwere almost ashamed of telling that they use Nirma toilet.

Nirma’s foray into the toilet soaps category was launched with Nirma Bath Soap, a carbolic soap which positioned itself against the largest selling carbolic soap brand, Lifebuoy, from the Hindustan Lever stable – at half the latter’s price.

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The Nirma Story

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Nirma bath soap strategy
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