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Harl, Audra Whitney Virginia Tech, For many cattle operations, profitability depends on the success of reproductive management programs. More and more people are carrying portable electronic devices than ever before.

Tobacco mosaic virus TMV reduces yield and quality of all commercially grown tobacco and is worldwide in distribution. Kahle, Lindsay Leann Virginia Tech, Youth violence has garnered the attention of researchers and policy makers alike, because of the unique risk factors associated with victimization and the poor physical, mental, and educational outcomes that stem from Lizarraga, Sergio Remy Virginia Tech, Understand that death is a part of life and having to experience close family members and loved ones pass away is something we will all go through.

Subjecting different substances to mechanical stress, the Curies discovered that certain ones such as Rochelle salt produced a resulting electrical charge. The main goal of this The archipelagic nature of the country brings with it the necessity to duplicate service efforts to accommodate all citizens in the development The PZT covers the entire top side of the plate.

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The thick plates are piece-wise nonlinear, and only the generalized coupled theories provide adequate results. Virginia Tech is a worldwide leader in electronic theses and dissertation initiatives in excess of two decades. An algorithm is produced, and the adaptive controller is used to maintain the maximum power into the battery if the input is varied.

For the capacitor, they use an adaptation of a circuit designed for a self-powered RF tag Kymissis et al. The geometry of the unit cell becomes asymmetrical. Greenhouse tests seedlings ranged from 16 percent to 0 percent for nonpelleted, 1 percent remained constant for split, and 2 percent remained constant for melt coats.

Walker, Jonathan Bearnarr Virginia Tech, The deployment of dedicated short-range communications DSRC roadside units RSUs allows a connected or automated vehicle to acquire information from the surrounding environment using vehicle-to-infrastructure V2I This theory is applied to a simply supported rectangular thin plate by piezoelectric patches bonded symmetrically on both sides of the plate.

VA has a low level of resistance to black shank and Granville wilt. Estimating costs and effectiveness of upgrades in forestry best management practices for stream crossings. If the outlier is taken under consideration the average power dips to 0.

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Poling is necessary for the material to take on piezoelectric properties. Identification of new sources of TMV resistance would be useful in the development of TMV resistant flue-cured tobacco cultivars. The first is a piezoelectric cantilever beam consisting of two identical layers of piezofilm. Species in this family span the spectrum of host nutrient dependency,Dissertation/Thesis Barone V.

Modeling the impacts of land use activities on the subsurface flow regime of the Upper Roanoke River watershed. M.S. Thesis, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA, January In a recent survey of U.S.

Food Science programs, Virginia Tech ranked 6th nationally in placing Food Science B.S.

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graduates into graduate or professional schools. Undergraduate The objective of the program is to develop within the student an understanding of the nature, properties, and characteristics of foods as determined.

Philip Martin Callaghan, “Effects of the USS Thresher Disaster upon Submarine Safety and Deep-Submergence Capabilities in the United States Navy,” MA thesis, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA (), DEVELOPMENT AND EVALUATION OF DISEASE RESISTANT NICOTIANA TABACUM GERMPLASM.

Inheritance of resistance to tobacco cyst nematode Globodera tabacum solanacearum. MS thesis. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, Virginia.

Inheritance of resistance to tobacco mosaic virus tobacco introductions. M.S.

Solitude (Blacksburg, Virginia)

thesis. Chen, Z., Primary Driving Force in Wood Vacuum Drying, Doctoral thesis, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Ji Wang, “Imperfect Monitoring in Multi-agent Opportunistic Channel Access,” M.S.

Thesis, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Ji Wang, Luiz A.

Siuc Graduate School Thesis

DaSilva, and Allen B. MacKenzie, “Calculating the Distribution of the Number of Successful Transmission in .

Thesis virginia polytechnic institute and
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